About Me

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Danielle and I’m a virtual assistant that helps bloggers and small business owners. I live in sunny Florida with my husband and I’ve worked for six years as an administrative assistant for a non-profit. I’m a Type A, detail-oriented person at heart who likes to take inefficient and messy things and make them run smoothly like clockwork.

I primarily work with bloggers to manage their inbox, Pinterest account, and blog, but I am open to seeing how I can help you yield a return on your investment even if you’re not a blogger.

Maybe your email inbox is absolutely overflowing with emails and you feel like you will never catch up. Well, nothing makes my heart sing more than an organized email inbox. For real. And I can help you reach inbox zero each day and organize all those emails.

You love writing content for your blog, but when it comes to graphics and comment moderating (amongst other things), it makes you stressed. I get it. I love seeing blogs succeed and grow readers, and I want to help you do what you are passionate about.

Pinterest has been shown to be a powerful tool in growing blog followers, but creating multiple graphics to pin, scheduling those pins, and keeping up with those pin statistics can take a lot of time. Let me take that all off your plate for you!

So seriously, what are you waiting for? Find some balance, a return on your investment, and find joy in your blog or business again by hiring a virtual assistant.